Blueberry pot

40 liters

Made of high density polyethylene which guarantees excellent properties at extremely low and very high temperatures. The pot is unbreakable.

Guarantee of 5 years.
For every broken pot, we give 2 new pots for free.

Certificate: EN840 standard
Dimensions: Ø 46cm, ↕ 33cm
Material: Polyethylene
Unit Weight: 1.6 kilograms
Available colors: Grey, Black

Safe investment
There are many products on the market, but here are some of the reasons why you should choose our product:

  • Proven absolutely the best double drainage system;
  • It turned out that the yield of blueberries is significantly higher and of better quality compared to planting in other pots and in the ground;
  • A special gray color with a high percentage of "UV" stabilizers, which is proven by measuring the temperature on our plantations compared to others;
  • Our pots have a very long lifespan of 10+ years;
  • By purchasing our pots, you have secured your investment, when you transplant your plants in 5 or 7 years, you can cash in our pots for the same money as when you bought them, because the quality is permanently guaranteed;
  • We issue a written guarantee that for each cracked pot we issue two new ones for free;
  • The root of the plant does not rot.

The pot is certified

  • Testing was performed in an authorized laboratory according to the EN840 standard;
  • The pot was frozen at -20 degrees in the chamber, after that the pot was loaded with 50 kg of weight and dropped from a height of 3 meters;
  • Number of repetitions: 5 times;
  • Test result: the pot does NOT crack;
  • The weight of the substrate together with the 3-year-old plant is 16 kg;
  • You can see the video presentation of quality testing by clicking here.

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