3/9.5/12/15/18.5/25 litara

Made of high density polyethylene which guarantees excellent properties at extremely low and very high temperatures. The pot is unbreakable.

Guarantee of 5 years.
For every broken pot, we give 2 new pots for free.

Certificate: EN840 standard
Material: Polyethylene

Our plastic pot is the perfect choice for all your needs in cultivating different types of conifers and plants. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced gardener, this pot will provide optimal conditions for successful cultivation of your favorite greenery.
Made from high-quality plastic, this pot is durable and resistant to wear, ensuring long-lasting use. Its spacious interior provides enough room for the development of a strong root system in plants, which is crucial for their healthy and lush growth.
The pot is specifically designed with drainage holes at the bottom to ensure proper drainage. This prevents water from accumulating in the pot, reducing the risk of overwatering and root rot. This feature ensures that your plants have optimal conditions for growth by allowing water and air to flow through the pot.
Another advantage of this pot is its easy portability. Regardless of how filled the pot is with soil and plants, you can easily move it to the desired location in your garden or space, thanks to its ergonomic design.
This plastic pot is ideal for cultivating various types of conifers and other plants that require good drainage and space for root growth. Whether you are growing plants indoors, on a terrace, or in a garden, this pot will help your plants thrive and grow strong.

Volume Dimensions Packaging
3 liter Ø 16cm, ↕ 16cm 8000 units per pallet
9.5 liter Ø 24cm, ↕ 24cm 2000 units per pallet
12 liter Ø 26cm, ↕ 26cm 1700 units per pallet
15 liter Ø 28cm, ↕ 28cm 1750 units per pallet
18.5 liter Ø 30cm, ↕ 30cm 1400 units per pallet
25 liter Ø 33cm, ↕ 33cm 840 units per pallet

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