white rectangular container 80l
white rectangular container 80l
white rectangular container 80l

Rectangular Container

52 liters

Made of high density polyethylene which guarantees excellent properties at extremely low and very high temperatures. The container is unbreakable.

Guarantee of 5 years.

Dimensions: 75 x 45 x 23 (cm)
Material: Polyethylene
Unit Weight: 3.5kg
Color: White

Introducing our premium product, the white container - a white plastic rectangular trough, meticulously crafted for the demanding needs of the meat and food industry. This is not just a container; it's a testament to durability, versatility, and smart storage solutions.

The Rectangular Container is constructed from high-density polyethylene, a special type of plastic renowned for its outstanding toughness. It's virtually unbreakable, promising long-lasting service even in the most challenging conditions. From freezing cold storage units to scorching hot kitchens, this trough maintains its integrity without cracking, warping or melting. Its robust nature means you can rely on it to handle heavy loads without buckling under pressure.

One of the key features of our Rectangular Container is its size. With generous dimensions, it offers ample space for all your food processing needs. Be it marinating large quantities of meat, storing fresh produce, or even mixing doughs, this trough can handle it all. Despite its large capacity, it maintains a compact footprint thanks to its innovative design which allows for easy nesting. When not in use, simply stack them inside one another to save precious storage space.

Beyond its practicality, the Rectangular Container stands out for its versatility. Though specifically designed for the meat and food industry, it's adaptable to various other applications. Use it in agriculture for feeding livestock, in construction for mixing materials, or even in retail for displaying products; the possibilities are endless.

The white color of the Rectangular Container is more than just an aesthetic choice. It enhances visibility, ensuring you can inspect cleanliness at a glance, while also adding a touch of professionalism to your workspace.

With the Rectangular Container, you're not just buying a trough, but investing in a reliable tool that will elevate your operations. Its unique combination of durability, versatility, and thoughtful design make it an unparalleled choice in its category. Experience the difference of our Rectangular Containers today - because when it comes to quality, we believe in delivering nothing but the best.

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